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Laparoscopy, also referred to as coelioscopy, is a medical endoscopy technique

This technique is used for diagnosis or surgical intervention in the abdominal cavity, pelvis, and in some joints.

Laparoscopy is an endoscopy technique used for surgical intervention in the abdominal cavity, pelvis, and in some joints.

Used for surgical intervention, endoscopy enables the visual medical exploration of the inside of a cavity that is otherwise inaccessible to the eye. The instrument used is called an endoscope, which is connected to a fibre-optic cable.

The instrument is used for various interventions, including removal of meniscus, liver tumours, polyps (of the stomach, colon, nasal cavity, etc.), enlarged prostate, for treat-ing some cases of sterility, etc.

The instrument is also used in emergency situations, such as to coagulate blood vessels during stomach hemorrhages, to remove foreign bodies in the lungs or esophagus, or for endoscopy of the joints (arthroscopy).

We offer all of the instruments necessary for laparoscopic surgery — whether you re-quire DeBakey atraumatic grasping forceps, parametrium clamp forceps, intestinal clamp forceps, fenestrated grasping forceps, Johan grasping forceps, Nelson grasping forceps, Allis grasping forceps, Babcock forceps, wave grasping forceps, Maryland for-ceps, biopsy forceps, etc. We also offer scissors and needle holders.

Laparoscopic surgery also requires many models of regular or Hasson trocars and Ver-ess needles. In addition, monopolar electrodes are used, involving spatulas, hooks and knives. To optimize surgery, “3D” fan retractors are also used.

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