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In 2015, we decided to create the Instrumentarium Collection. We asked sculptor, Jean-Louis Émond, to create four sculptures out of the unusable instruments that had accumulated in our repairs centre. Proud of the resulting works, we present them to you.



Raw material

Manufacturing process, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, titanium, chrome plating

Production process


Surgical instruments

Scissors, forceps, retractors, rongeurs, bone cutters, needle-holders

Instrument care instructions

Stainless steel and water, sterilization, endoscopic instruments

Care check list

Scissors, forceps, needle-holders, retractors, cutting forceps. Stains and breakage. Repairs.

Instrumentarium: A passion for life…

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Surgeries :

Tube surgery micro straight forceps

Tube surgery micro cup forceps

Stapedectomy surgery mcgee crimper

Pribitkin P Knife incising periorbita

Gelfoam insertion

Eardrum graft insertion micro cup forcep

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