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Our manufacturers are hand-picked based on the high quality manufacturing and German stainless steel that they offer. Each year, we visit our suppliers throughout Europe, to ensure that we are making the best choices possible. In addition, we examine each of the instruments we receive, to be sure that they are in good condition, the number engraving is correct, and that they match the given catalogue photos. We carry out an additional verification at the time products are sent out. Our service is characterized by attentiveness, meticulousness and rigour.


We’ve built our reputation on the excellence of our service and the quality of our instruments — nearly 100,000 of the best used in surgery. Our qualified, experienced team, in-house repair service, ISO certification and our human scale make us a business that can meet your needs. La différence...that makes the difference.


Did you know that there are various levels of quality in stainless steel? In fact, though we believe they are comparable, not all instruments are identical. Our instruments are manufactured by qualified workers in factories that employ cutting-edge technology and German stainless steel. We fully support the process, through offering a warranty that is completely respected. Our instruments are durable, repairable and refurbishable — due to their high quality. You can count on them. So, can you afford to buy cheap instruments? There’s a price to be paid for quality, and often “inexpensive” means that costs will be higher on the long-term.


Our instrument inventory is probably the most complete in the industry. This, among other qualities, is what enables us to offer an exemplary service. The correct instruments and quantities, orders that are filled accurately, the quickest delivery possible… Everything is in place to ensure that requests are carried out to your satisfaction. Sometimes we practically perform miracles! And we know you appreciate it.

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