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Micro needle holder

CAT#: 00084
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Micro needle holder

About the product:

B-13-8 needle holder without lock, 13cm long, round dia. 8 mm, curved

Medical Needle Holders

Needles-holders are used for suturing. They are similar to hemostats, but with thicker and shorter jaws. The smaller the needle, the smaller the jaws of the needle-holder need to be. If the needle is too big to be held securely, it is better to use a larger needle holder. Otherwise, the needle may slip or the needle holder may break. Always use the right size of needle-holder. Only jaws with tungsten carbide inserts can be replaced, making them more economical in the long run. They are recognizable by their golden rings.

Medical Micro Surgical

Microsurgery requires a microscope for carrying out high-precision interventions.

Microsurgery is a technique used in some cases by experienced surgeons, for obstetrics, cardiology, eye, and pediatric surgeries.

Techniques for anastomosis and small blood vessels and nerves are particularly devel-oped.

We offer you a panoply of specialized instruments generally used for microsurgery.

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