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Did you know ?

  • “The word “surgeon” is derived from a Greek word meaning “manual labor”. A surgeon is the one who performs manipulations, sets bones or incises a patient using his hands. He differs from a doctor who treats patients by prescribing herbs, tonics or pills.”

  • “Allis forceps are named after Dr. Oscar Huntington Allis (1836-1931) of New York.Dr. Allis practiced orthopedic surgery and received the Samuel Gross Prize from the Philadelphia Academy for his book on dislocations of the hip.”

  • “Criles forceps were invented by Dr. George Washington Crile (1864-1943), an American surgeon who practiced over 25,000 thyroïdectomies during his career and carried out the first radical dissection of the neck.”

  • “Even if procedures change, certain instruments always remain trendy such as those from Dr. Barraquer. Prominent in ophthalmology, Dr. Ignacio Barraquer (Barcelona 1884-1965) founded the “Barraquer Institute of Ophthalmology” in 1947. Dr. Barraquer also invented new surgical techniques.”


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